Types of Modern Invitations for Bridal Party

When it comes to a bridal shower, people are reminded of the memorable day to spend with many gorgeous and thoughtful gifts, like a chocolicious hamper. Getting a present is, indeed, the happiest moment from a bridal shower. However, preparing for the event can be one thing. It does so because people have to think about the details to get the outcome as great as possible.

In this case, one vital thing from preparing a bridal party is the invitations. It plays an essential role in getting guests (and the bride) excited about the event. Therefore, this article wants to give you some insightful inspiration for a modern yet quirky bachelorette party invitation. Those invitations have all the details you want. More importantly, it can set the mood for a memorable party. 

Garden Bridal Party Invitations

bridal showerA garden setting for a bridal shower is more fun than anything else. You can hold the party in a beautiful garden or a local botanical garden if the bride loves flowers. Instead of having tea and cucumber sandwiches at the party, you can have champagne cocktails with strawberries, chocolate, and angel food cake. Those refreshments will modernize the event.

You can use the bride’s favorite flowers or have the girls toast with champagne glasses on the bachelorette party invitations. You can bring the theme inside if the party is in the colder months. Place vases with greenery and flowers to make it look like the party is in a beautiful garden.

Enchanted Forest Bridal Shower Invitations

invitationConsider a bachelorette party invitation with a forest scene if the bride is a fan of fairy tales. It could include birds flying overhead, a stream running down one side, or randomly paired flower beds under the trees. You could call it an “Enchanted Forest” and invite the girls over for a fun and whimsical party. You could even have the party outdoors at a picnic in the park. Just be sure to let your guests know to wear appropriate attire.

Bachelorette Party Tiara Invitations

Sending hot pink invitations with a sparkling silver tiara in the center is another way to bring fairy tales to life. The bride should wear a tiara. If you live somewhere that offers carriage rides, book your group for an afternoon or evening ride in one. Afterward, take everyone to a local restaurant for food, drinks, and fun.

Cocktail Bridal Shower Invitations

You can use a modern theme for your party, but you can soften the party theme by using pastel colors or romantic flowers in the decor. Send bachelorette party invitations with martini glasses highlighted in bright pink and green on a light pink background. You can also ask your guests to wear pink to the party.

Consider including a flower that the bride likes, such as her favorite flower or a specific flower. If she loves tulips, you can create a centerpiece with them in pink or white and scatter rose petals around the tables. Add sophistication to the party if you invite guests to dress up in cocktail dresses. This way, the excessive accents will look better. 

Whatever style you choose to add a modern touch to an extravagant party, your bachelorette party invitations will set the tone. Make sure they match your theme to make it a