Factors to Consider for Aerial Filming

The technology for photography has evolved over the past years, and drone cameras have been introduced for aerial videography. Aerial video recording is a new trend emerging in the generation and production of low-altitude images through light and remote-controlled drone cameras. This kind of videography is used to shoot construction videos, real estate videos, action films, and sports. There are many other uses for aerial videography, and videographers have difficulty adapting to the trend and all the new ones. If you are planning to try aerial filming, there are several factors you need to consider to perform it successfully. Here are some of them:



The most significant factor to consider when doing aerial filming is the weather. Since you will use drone cameras, it is advisable to shoot on a day when the wind is not too strong because it might blow the drone in a different direction. When you film on a windy day, your film’s result can be shaky, and no one wants to watch that kind of video.


The second most significant factor is the type of drone camera you will use. The cheapest drone is called the quadcopters, these are compact and light, but it endures from a lack of stabilization control like a gimbal. A gimbal is a control system that supports the drone’s movement, and it can also follow and tilt the camera. A properly adjusted gimbal can stabilize and control the drone to film more quality videos. Some drones have a built-in gimbal already, like hexacopters, it can be a bit expensive, but it could be the best choice for flawless aerial filming.


go pro

For aerial filming, it would help if you choose the lightest camera possible for better outcomes. Most of the hexacopters can only fly for 8-1 minutes with a DSLR because of the drone’s batteries limit. If you choose to fly a Go-Pro camera, you can expect it to fly for a longer time, about 20-25 minutes, since it is lighter than a DSLR. Your choice of camera will depend on what type of result you what to achieve. It is also advisable to bring extra battery packs if you think that you will be filming for the whole day.

monitorMonitor System

It would be best if you saw what the drone filmed to find the best shots, so a wonderful wireless surveillance system is necessary. An aerial video application includes two screens, one for each remote control. This ideal recording situation is when you have two drone operators.


Finally, safety must also be considered. It cannot fly more than 3 miles from airports and avoid flying in a crowded place. You must also be within 400 feet and in line of sight of the UAS. Currently, the legislation for small drones is still obscure.…